Enter the laboratory
How is a GBC sole created?

The 4-steps manufacturing process.

From the idea to the model

Led by flair and dexterity, the pattern-maker starts the manufacturing process with the first step: design and assembling of the drawings and moulds of what we want to do.
Then, the development of the sample jig, which is completely handmade, whereas the whole line is created by laser beam machining.

Getting to the heart of the sole manufacturing

After being shorn, carded, and painted, the sole is milling-cut. Then, there is the manufacturing step which allows to reproduce a drawing, logo or number as required by the client through laser or stamp engraving.

The latest details

This step starts with welting that creates the sole edge by applying the welt (using manual or semi-automatic machine), which can be a leather, salpa or tunit one. After applying the (leather, salpa or plastic) heel, this step continues with the finishing process where the sole is worked and improved, and, eventually, there is the sole mould release.

Final step: quality control and packaging

Last but not least, the final and delicate step. The product undergoes meticulous quality control, aiming at verifying its compliance with standards and pre-set requirements. Once it passes the check, there is the packaging: the product, previously protected by an enclosure, is placed in a container that is suitably arranged to preserve its integrity.