Craftsmanship, Research, Technology, and Style: this is the combination that creates value for our products. Choose our way.
suole in cuoio

Leather soles

Leather soles. They have always been the soul of our production.

suole in gomma sportive

Sporty rubber soles

Soles designed for the dynamic and sporty time: performance guaranteed.

suole in alfalight

Alfalight soles

Alfalight soles. They are made of a material with surprising features and performance results.

suole vintage

Vintage soles

Vintage soles in modern times, they are the result of a special and accurate developing process.

suole in cuoio stampato

Printed leather soles

Printed leather soles, between techno-handy skills and creativity.

suole eleganti in cuoio

Elegant soles

Valuable, outstanding soles. The difference lies in the detail that embellishes the product.

suole in cuoio serigrafate

Screen-printed leather soles

Leather soles enhanced by screen-printed drawings.